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Trust your truck to someone with the experience, creativity, tools, and care that it deserves.

Ford dealer training and tools

Unlike most independent shops, we use the same diagnostics software that the Ford dealerships use. We have the training and experience, so you know we'll do it right. Our specialty is Ford Powerstrokes, but we have the skill and experience to work on a variety of makes and models.

More options than dealerships

We have maintained fleets for many years, so we've seen the history of what works. A dealer will default to OEM parts and return it to factory condition. But often there are better aftermarket solutions that address the pattern failure and actually fix the problem. We know where you can cut corners without hurting long-term performance and where an upgrade will be worth the investment. We've learned from experience how to mix and match OEM and aftermarket parts for the best long-term results.

Small shop with personal touch

Because run a small streamlined shop (located by our house just 10 minutes off Highway 395) we can offer quality work at affordable rates. We rely mostly on word-of-mouth for work, so we want our customers to be completely happy with the results and want to tell others about us. But we're not big talkers, so we won't pressure youto buy anything don't want or don't need. We'll never hijack your rig to try to force you do get more work done. Whether you want to go all the way or just want a short-term fix, we'll show you the options and do the work you want done.

Performance is our passion

We've been fascinated with measuring and tweaking the performance and reliability of vehicles our whole lives. It's in our blood. We really want to make your truck work its hardest for as long as possible. We can fabricate custom parts if needed. And we enjoy educating owners on what they can do to maintain their truck and how to correct driving habits that are contributing to the problem.

Let's get started. You're Gonna Like It!

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